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Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a luxurious Ferrari or a sleek Maserati, cruising through the picturesque landscapes of Derbyshire and England. With our sports car hire services, you can make this dream a reality. Whether you're visiting popular attractions or exploring hidden gems, our self-drive car hire packages will add a touch of glamour and excitement to your trip.

Top Attractions in the UK and Their Distance from Central Derbyshire

Sports car hire makes long journeys much more enjoyable, turning them into incredible adventures. Here are some of the most popular attractions in the UK and their distance from central Derbyshire:

  1. Peak District National Park - 15 miles
  2. Stonehenge - 180 miles
  3. London - 130 miles
  4. Lake District National Park - 120 miles
  5. Edinburgh - 250 miles

Peak District National Park

England's first national park, the Peak District, offers stunning landscapes, quaint villages, and numerous outdoor activities. Discover the beauty of the park in style with a sports car hire.


One of the world's most famous prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge, is a must-visit for anyone exploring England. Arrive in luxury and comfort with our sports car hire service.


The vibrant city of London offers a mix of history, culture, shopping, and entertainment. Navigate the bustling streets in a stylish sports car, making your visit an unforgettable experience.

Lake District National Park

The breathtaking Lake District is a haven for nature lovers, with its stunning lakes, mountains, and forests. Experience the beauty of the park from the comfort of a luxurious sports car.


Explore the historic city of Edinburgh, with its famous castle, museums, and galleries. Arrive in style with our sports car hire services.

Our Sports Car Collection

We offer a wide range of sports cars for hire, including Mazda, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, McLaren, and more. See the table below for a comparison of the most popular models in the UK:

Sports Car Comparison
Car Model Top Speed Interior Features
Ferrari 211 mph Leather seats, advanced infotainment system, climate control
Maserati 190 mph Heated seats, premium sound system, GPS navigation
Porsche 205 mph Customisable interior, advanced connectivity, sporty design
McLaren 217 mph Carbon fibre seats, state-of-the-art technology, bespoke options

Occasions for Sports Car Hire

Sports car hire is perfect for various occasions, such as:

  • A treat for a husband or bride-to-be
  • A birthday gift
  • A romantic day out
  • A weekend getaway
  • And more!

Our sports car hire services are available across Derbyshire and England, including popular postcodes such as DE1, DE4, and DE6.

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Ready to experience the thrill of driving a luxury sports car? Book online or call 0800 410 1515 to find out more about our sports car hire services in Derbyshire and England. Turn your trip into an unforgettable adventure with our exquisite collection of sports cars!

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