Classic Wedding Car or Modern Wedding Car? 

Classic Wedding Car or Modern Wedding Car? 

"With the stresses of wedding planning often taking its toll, we at Wedding Car Hire go to great lengths to help brides and grooms; offering a no-fuss wedding transport service. Operating a stunning fleet throughout the U.K, we boast customers all over the county, offering a range of cars, limos and super cars in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and all other major British cities. Having been operating an all-encompassing fleet for over a decade, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to picking the right car, helping happy couples find cars that both complement their event as well as encourage great memories. While many will have a vague idea of the type of wedding car they want to travel to the venue in, one question that always crops up is ‘shall I go for a classic or modern wedding car?’. With various pros for each type of vehicle, here are some things to consider if you find yourself asking this question.

Wedding Theme

If you are torn between a modern or classic wedding car then it is always important to revert back to your theme, deciding what type of car will best suit your celebration. For instance, if you are working with a traditional theme, with the wedding held at a church in the country, something like a classic Rolls Royce may work well. On the other hand, if you have opting for a swanky hotel to provide your wedding backdrop, something like a modern Range Rover or sports car may extent that theme successfully.

Wedding photographs

While not something you really think of when booking your wedding transport, the all-important wedding pictures must be considered. This is due to the fact that most professional photographers suggest a shot with the happy couple in front or even inside the wedding car, enabling couples to look back at the images and remember their special day to its entirety.

Top 5 classic and modern wedding cars

If you are stuck for inspiration with regards to wedding cars then here are our most popular vehicle from our classic range:

  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
  • Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
  • Bentley S1
  • Beauford
  • Daimler DS420

Alternately, if it is something a little newer you are interested in then the following are much in-demand options:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Ferrari Italia
  • Mercedes S Class
  • BMW X5

If you are interested in any of the classic or modern wedding cars on our website then be sure to get in touch with the company, our service is completely free for customers."

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