Driverless wedding cars: Are we set to see them in this lifetime? 

Driverless wedding cars: Are we set to see them in this lifetime? 

"  It is no secret that Uber, Tesla, Google, BMW, Audi and the likes are all in a race to become pioneers in the world of driverless cars, all developing technology to one day catapult us into the realms of futuristic travel. While some Asian firms have come close to cracking the formula for autonomous driving, it is only a matter of time before driverless wedding cars become the norm, but, how will this impact the traditional wedding?

No chauffeur

In our opinion, part of the charm of hiring a wedding car is having your own personal chauffeur driver; a courteous chap that only enhances the wedding transport experience. From opening doors and ensuring the sizable dress fits in without any fuss to knowing the roads inside out and getting you to the venue on time, is driverless car tech set to change wedding transport in a negative way?


Most of the couples we at Wedding Car Hire work with have a wedding theme in place before car shopping, having an idea of the type of vehicle that will best complement the event. However, with the launch of driverless cars, we will probably be looking at futuristic, minimalist design, something that may not accommodate the traditional or vintage wedding theme too well.


There are many factors that go into the price of wedding car hire, with availability, the rareness of the car and fuel rates all having a bearing. As a result, when driverless wedding cars drop, wedding transport prices will change with it. For instance, if floating cars cost next to nothing to rent, road car operators will have no choice but to alter the way they operate. If you have any thoughts, opinions or prediction of driverless car technology be sure to share them with us!    "

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