Convertible Wedding Car Hire

Five 5 benefits of hiring a convertible wedding car

Your wedding day is undoubtable the most important and exciting event of your life, with every single moment needing to be planned to perfection. Here at Wedding Car Hire UK we have over the years seen many wedding trends come and go. However, one that has certainly stood the test of time is the lavish wedding car. One thing that we are constantly being asked is whether or not brides should opt for a convertible.

If you are in two minds, here are five top benefits of hiring a convertible wedding car. Looks and style - Convertible wedding cars are the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs, being both iconic and looks and making for a pretty prop.  Wedding shots could include group shots of the family and guest and of course the happy couple! All year round wedding car - As well as looking good, convertible wedding cars are also very practical when it comes to facing the British weather on your big day. They are impeccably roomy for a large wedding dress, with large doors, lots of headroom and the capability of letting the sun shine in… when it does make an appearance anyway. Guaranteed to add a touch of glamour A convertible car is guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to your day. Along with other fancy accessories, convertible cars are always associated with high class and style. Just as fairy-tale princesses arrived at the ball in a special coach, the bride to be must arrive at her wedding in style. Add a little extra with a vintage convertible As well as the above points, a vintage convertible is guaranteed to add a unique touch to your big day, with timeless weddings and classic cars going hand in hand.

Setting a certain tone on the celebration, investing in a roofless car can catapult your day into the most memorable occasion for both you and your guests. Modern Cars Your bridal party and family would definitely appreciate a luxury convertible with a modern twist. Regardless of the photos, comfort is a must. The décor of modern convertibles also  stands out as fancy, making topless wedding vehicles what we like to call 'all-rounders'. If you are interested in receiving a free quote for wedding car hire, contact us today."

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