Planning a Boho-Chic Wedding

Planning a Boho-Chic Wedding

"  In 2016, bohemian or boho-chic became a dominant trend across a range of different industries - from fashion to make up, hair and of course, weddings! Boho-chic weddings are indeed on the rise, and here at Wedding News we predict a big influx of this gorgeous and relaxed wedding theme for the year of 2017, because this trend is only going to continue to grow in popularity. If you’re a fan of the beautiful bohemian look, then implementing subtle touches of boho-chic to your wedding is incredibly easy and the results are truly stunning. Creating a relaxed and picture perfect vibe with beautiful attention to detail, it’s difficult not to love the boho-chic wedding and the gorgeous aura which comes with it - so let’s get planning. Starting with the wedding dress. Boho-chic is all about the relaxed look, and embracing the natural beauty of nature. Why not opt for a dress which flows, opting for a fit and flare look which hugs at the bodice and lays relaxed at the bottom. A gorgeous long tail will create the outdoor princess feel we’re looking for, or alternatively, something a little shorter with thin straps will also nail the bohemian style. Boho-chic is all about flowers - and flower crowns are a huge wedding trend which has grown in popularity, largely thanks to the boho-chic theme! Why not opt for a floral hair accessory or even a flower crown with a relaxed up-do for your wedding hair? Braids are another easy way to work the boho-chic trend into your look. Working braids throughout your hair has an effect which is both beautiful and practical, keeping your hair off your face for the big day. When it comes to the decor, bohemian chic weddings are wonderfully over-indulgent. Think fairy lights, flowers and plants everywhere, with candles and shabby chic individual accessories for table pieces. Opting for old photo frames and succulents will ensure that you’re both on trend and on theme too. For your wedding cake - think naked. Naked cakes are the way forward, decorated with beautiful fruit and edible flowers as opposed to covered in icing. Finally and most importantly you have the wedding cars to think of, with our vintage range serving such themes very well. For more information on our wedding cars, contact us at Wedding Car Hire today!"

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