Top 5 Wedding Cars for Brides

Top 5 Wedding Cars for Brides

"Although a wedding is all about the marriage of two people, the truth is the day is all about the bride; a fact that grooms all over the world have come to accept. For this reason the image the bride conveys is well thought out and planned to perfection, with the all-important arrival being the focus for many. At Wedding Car Hire we help make the arrival a true production, providing the most stunning vehicles in order to see brides up and down the country turn heads. As the largest wedding car provider in the country, our fleet is diverse to say the least, permitting us to accommodate brides looking for a classic car, a modern chauffeur car, a supercar or even something outlandish like a party-bus. Boating such a large network, we hold the ability and experience to advise those who are undecided on what to hire, with the following 5 being our top 5 suggestions for bridal cars.

Rolls Royce Phantom

As a symbol of British eccentricity, the Rolls Royce Phantom makes for the perfect bridal car, offering unmatched luxury and comfort in abundance. Boasting a certain presence when out on the road, the Phantom gives the all-important bride the attention she so rightly deserves on her big day.

Lincoln Towncar Limousine

As our most popular wedding limo, the Lincoln Towncar is constantly utilised by brides, with its spaciousness making for an accommodating transport solution. Being the perfect car for brides with a big dress or even brides that wish to travel alongside their bridesmaids, the Lincoln is both practical and visually perfect.

Range Rover Sport

Of late, UK brides are opting for 4X4s to get them to and from the venues of the day, being both reliable and undeniably attention-seeking. One 4x4 which is in constant use is the Range Rover Sport, a car that can be transformed into a stunning wedding car with the addition of a single silky ribbon.

Bentley Flying Spur

Sporting luxury interior the long wheel-based Bentley is again accompanying for the larger of wedding dresses, making for a tranquil environment for brides to gear up for the celebrations ahead. Oozing with wealth and panache, the Flying Spur is great for those wanting to make a big impact on arrival, with its rarity encouraging many to stop in their tracks.

Chrysler 300C

As a popular bridal car the Chrysler 309C is a much in-demand saloon, often compared to the Bentley Flying Spur. As one of the best selling saloon cars in the whole of America, this vehicle is much appreciated by British brides, with its strong build and iconic look striking a chord with us all. For more information on bridal cars check out our members listed on the website."

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